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Now we can not only help write and record your music in the studio,

we can release it too.

Exciting new music from Edinburgh based artist Katherine Aly with the single

"Hype Up" out now and the album "Shadows Are Made Of Light Too" coming 

June 10th -

Further releases to come through the year including the stunning debut album "Written In The Books" from the sensational Sophie Penman

“Aly’s debut album goes full throttle from the off, opening with the explosive Glow & Ignite, with her gorgeous vocal over fizzing synths…..It’s a real joy to behold and a thrill to see an artist fully come into their own” - Tallah Brash, The Skinny


“In her vibrant debut album, Aly fills in every inch of space with her bold, bombastic sound, highlighting painful as well as joyful emotions….the album alternately bubbles with excitement, seethes with tension and glimmers with uncertainty” - Zoë White, Snackmag 


“That hook is so catchy, we’ll be singing it for sure!  Katherine is definitely reeling us in with those ear worms, love it, love it!!” - Phoebe Inglis Holmes & Shereen Cutkelvin, BBC Introducing

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Music Production

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